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Help the Patagonia Maui Kite and Wing Fest become carbon positive!

We respect the ocean and care about our planet so we want to make this event as environmentally friendly as we can. We are all part of the problem, so we all need to be part of the solution.

To prevent a global catastrophe the world needs to become carbon neutral. Fact. It's not realistic to expect this to happen overnight, or even by 2050 so offsetting your business or personal carbon footprint is a positive step in helping the planet and putting the brakes on years of abuse. If you came to our event, watch us online, or simply want to support our initiative to be carbon positive Calculate and Offset your carbon footprint at which supports StandForTrees.Org.The project protects 28,000 hectares of pristine tropical rainforest in the Amazon Basin and supports sustainable agriculture and ranching in local communities. The Project supports all 17 of the UN Sustainability Goals including #14, life under water!

We offer you two methods to play your part:

A: Use the simple travel calculator to offset your footprint during your stay, courtesy of our friends at

B: Purchase a carbon backed, special addition Maui Kit and Wing Fest NFT. There are only 100 available and the process couldn't be easier. You don't need a wallet or crypto currency as Carbon Creatures (part of Stand for Trees) will hold it for you and you can pay by credit card. Offset My Carbon Footprint NOW!

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